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Electric Mobility Scooters

People who are suffering from mobility restrictions can now gain their freedom back with the help of these mobility scooters for sale. There are no more hassles and manual mechanisms that are often brought about by traditional wheelchairs. To understand more about electric mobility scooters, check out the user’s guide below.

What are Electric Mobility Scooters?

An electric mobility scooter is a power-operated aid that is similar to a wheelchair with the configuration of a motor scooter. This device incorporates the use of motor-powered wheels paired with a comfortable seat resting on a high-quality chassis – basically a blend of convenience and style on the go.

What are They For?

They primarily help physically challenged individuals to gain access from one place to another. The traditional wheelchair poses the same benefits; however, these mobility scooters for sale can provide more advantages. With a motor-powered mechanism, users don’t have to exert too much effort in operating an electric wheelchair for sale. Even though there is lack of arm capability, any user can manipulate the scooter with ease.

Electric mobility scooters for sale tend to provide more movement through the swiveling chair. Users don’t have to move or rotate the entire machine in order to access things in various directions. It provides help for persons with systemic as well as full body disabilities such as obesity, arthritis, and lung issues but can still walk for a few steps, sit upright, and control the tiller.

Types of an Electric Mobility Scooter

Our power wheelchair for sale is divided into three basic types. Each type offers a distinct set of benefits for every user:

  1. Portable or Travel Scooters

Portable electric mobility scooters for sale can be disassembled or folded into various parts, typically around three to four parts. This type can be used for travels as it can fit perfectly inside the trunk of the car. Also, portable scooters tend to be lightweight as compared to their full-size counterparts.

  1. Three-Wheel Scooters

These electric mobility scooters have a tight and sturdy turning radius. They are recommended to be used indoors or within tight spaces.

  1. Four-Wheel Scooters

Four-wheel electric mobility scooters for sale are designed to be more stable and safe. The risk of tipping over while using them has been reduced due to the addition of several features. Furthermore, they can easily be maneuvered through hilly slopes, rough terrains, and other outdoor surfaces.

In selecting the right type of electric wheelchair for sale, you should evaluate whether you’re a frequent traveler or just an indoor person.

Main Features

Electric mobility scooters boast a number of features that make them the number one choice of mobility aid. Here’s a rundown of the primary attributes every user should look into:

  • Seats

Portable scooters have smaller seats, and they also contain less padding to become more lightweight and easier to disassemble. Almost all of the designs of mobility scooters have swivel seats to allow ease in getting on or off.

Furthermore, seats are also adjustable depending on the height as well as comfort preference of the user. Those mobility scooters for sale that come with Captain’s seats are the most comfortable as they are equipped with contoured backrests and more padding.

  • Tiller

A power wheelchair for sale is maneuvered with the use of tillers. These are T-shaped steering wheels that allow the wheels to move towards the desired direction. These tillers can also make the scooter move in either forward or reversed direction.

Sometimes, they can also control the speed and signals. High-quality tillers are designed with wraparounds to offer ease in steering, especially to those who are suffering from limited hand strength.

  • Suspension

To provide a smoother ride for every user, this electric wheelchair for sale is equipped with a suspension. It also provides a safer and sturdier ride when going over uneven and rough surfaces and bumps. The suspension on full-sized scooters are always present; however, most travel scooters don’t include this feature.

  • Brakes

Most electric scooters have an electronic braking mechanism which operates when the pressure has been released from the control panel. In this case, the brakes will be engaged when the unit is not on forward or reverse mode. Some scooters’ brake system are combinations of disc brakes and electronic brakes to provide additional safety.

  • Wheels

This is one of the primary considerations when using mobility scooters. There are three main types of wheels being used by manufacturers, namely:

  1. Solid wheels – you will never experience a flat tire on solid wheels. However, your riding experience might often be rougher. Most of the portable electric mobility scooters for sale come preinstalled with solid wheels.

  1. Pneumatic wheels – these wheels make your ride smoother, yet they are not as sturdy as the solid wheels. Since they are air-filled, your scooter may go flat. Majority of full-sized mobility scooters for sale have this type of wheels.

  1. Foam-filled wheels – electric mobility scooters that have foam-filled wheels are shock absorbent and more durable than those with solid wheels. They require the least maintenance among the three types.

  • Batteries

The 12-volt or 24-volt batteries of mobility scooters are rechargeable. Charging time ranges from eight to ten hours. A fully-charged full-sized scooter may travel up to 30 miles, while a smaller one may be used for about ten to 15 miles.

Batteries can be exposed to the usual wear and tear but can be replaced or upgraded for better performance. The lifespan of a battery ranges from 12 to 18 months before an upgrade or replacement is necessary. Every user can also purchase and carry extra packs for additional mileage.

These are just the major features you should look into when purchasing mobility scooters for sale. There are also accessories such as oxygen transporters, holders, baskets, lights, canopies, horns, and other additional features to provide more comfort and convenience.

Other Features

  • Speed

Mobility scooters for sale have varying speed which is dependent on the pressure being exerted on the forward or reverse. The speed is determined by the speed dial located on the control panel of the scooter.

If you’re still getting the hang of using the scooter, you should opt for a lower speed setting. Also, when used on the road, the speed setting should range from 4mph to 8mph.

  • Safety

The stability of the unit especially on inclining slopes and sharp curves is essential. The mobility scooters for sale are designed with an anti-tip mechanism during maneuvers. It is installed on the wheels and on the entire baseline of the scooter. The seats also offer safety and comfort features to prevent users from falling off the scooter during the ride.

  • Range

Electric scooters can travel up to 30 miles depending on the performance and battery pack. Some upgraded scooters can even run over 35 miles. Small-sized scooters usually go for around 15 miles.


Your needs as the user or rider should be met with utmost safety and comfort. These mobility scooters for sale can provide you with the help you need to access places when help from other people is not an option.

Living independently even with a disability is one of the primary goals of these electric mobility scooters. Gain back the freedom that was once stolen by an illness or incapacity with these scooters. Get yours now!

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