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The Best Electric Scooters

Review The Best Portable Urban Electric Scooters For Adults of 2020

INU electric scooter

This article is about the top selling and most popular electric scooters for adults in 2020. Read our TOP 10 listing, tech specs, review ratings and price comparisons. Explore the Best Urban Electric Scooters for adults of 2020 with and without seat. In the past few years electric scooters have become more than a last mile vehicle. Much of the urban population in the cities such as New York and San Francisco have opted for greener and cheaper means of transportation, and electric scooters have become one of the “go to” solutions. Brands and manufacturers have also kept ahead of the trend by presenting durable, user-friendly, technologically updated and powerful models. Design and quality of this new age transportation will leave you in awe.


Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, Easy Fold-n-Carry Design, Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter (US Version with Warranty) Editor choice

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review. It may look like the grown-up version of your child’s futuristic scooter but it’s anything BUT!  While a lot of e-scooters are simply bulkier versions of the classic scooter, the Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric ...
Inokim Light Super Electric Scooter

Inokim Light 10.4Ah big battery electric scooter oversea version Myway new model

The Inokim Light e-scooter is a decent all-around model for that last-mile ride or those daily heavy load errands. But unlike its similar featured competitors, the Inokim Light comes in a delicious range of colors. The contrast of black as against ...
Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter 37 MPH 68 mi. on charge Local Pickup in Houston

Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter Review Qiewa Q1 Hummer Review. For the serious scooter fan, it’s go big or go home.  If you’re done with the safe and simple and are now ready to kick your ride into high gear, you’re missing out if you haven’t ...
TuTu Electric Scooter SL350 with Foldable Seat

Electric Scooter / E Bike Lithium Ion Battery Foldable Seat

Tutu Electric Scooter Review. The TuTu Electric Scooter SL350 is for the rider with a penchant for style. It’s eco-friendly, great as a main or secondary means of transportation and is convenient to own. No more money spent on gas, insurance or ...
New 2018 Super 36v Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter

New 2018 Super Turbo 1000 watt Electric Scooter 30mph

Fans of the Super Turbo 800-Elite will love the Super 36v Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode Button. It’s a huge upgrade that, in addition to the 1000-watt engine, comes with an improvement on the sprockets and chains.  It ...
Inokim Quick 3 Folding Electric Scooter, Front Light, Wide Deck

7.8Ah/10.4Ah Inokim Light Electric Scooter Portable Foldable Mini Electric Bike

If you are buying a foldable e-scooter for the first time, the Inokim Quick 3 is the best model to start with. It’s easy to operate, comfortable to ride and comes with a great braking system. It’s a great last-mile solution for the commuter seeking ...
E-TWOW S2 Plus Electric Booster Scooter

500W 33V 6.5Ah E-TWOW S2 BOOSTER PLUS Scooter

If you want an unpretentious e-scooter, then the E-TWOW S2 Plus is for you. Sometimes you want the performance to speak for itself. Or perhaps you simply want a model that doesn’t call too much attention. Get all that plus more with the E-Twow S2 ...
OjO Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults

New Ojo Electric Commuter Scooter Sale Save BIG $$$

Sit and ride or stand and cruise. The OjO Commuter Electric Scooter is built for both the novice and experienced rider.  The makers behind this model made sure that comfort, security and agility are maximized. Expect all these thanks to its ...
Razor E300S Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Electric Scooter with Seat - Matte, Gray Best value

Cruise in style with the Razor E300S!  Like the E300 model, it’s got power, a sleek grown-up look, and a large comfy deck.  Perfect for first-time users. The big wheels make it easy to maneuver, while the twist-grip acceleration control ...
Airwheel Z3 Foldable Electric Scooter

Airwheel Z3 Electric Kick skateboard Electric Scooter Foldable Scooter

Not a fan of the foot-behind-foot position of a skateboard? Then the Airwheel Z3 just might be the perfect model for you.  It’s a distinctive scooter that gives riders a different kind of thrill! The Airwheel brand (smart scooters and ...

Portable Urban Electric Scooters For Adults

Buying Guide and Consumer Advice

An motor scooter is a great way to get around.  Its powerful, covers a huge distance range on a single charge and comes with features you would expect from its e-bike counterparts.
We’ve taken some of the best electric scooters for a spin and realized that comfort really is a combination of performance (distance on a single charge), price and convenience (how compact, foldability, ease of carrying around).
Check out our roster for an e-scooter that would best suit your needs!

Best Electric Scooters Explained – TOP 10 Fastest Models

Most electric scooters and electric bikes can go beyond their speed categories. But unless you’re ok with cops handing you a ticket, we highly recommend staying within the speed limit mandated by law.
On average, the speed limits for electric scooters and electric bikes range from 22 mph to 30 mph. Check your state laws for details.  Our list begins at 15 mph. We take into account other features such as comfort, price, and customer reviews.
Here are the TOP 10 fastest electric scooters in our list!

  1. Xiaomi Mijia M365 – Max Speed: 15 mph
    The Xiaomi Mijia M365 can run at a maximum speed of 15 mph. It’s a foldable and lightweight model with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy parts. In energy-saving mode, it runs at 11 mph. Range is around 18 miles on a single charge.
  2. LEHE K1 Folding – Max Speed: 15 mph
    The LEHE K1 Folding Electric Scooter’s maximum speed is around 15 to 16 mph. It’s a foldable model designed in the Netherlands and assembled with premium materials and components. The beautiful frame is made with aviation grade 6061 aluminum alloy.
  3. Razor E300S Electric Scooter – Max Speed: 15 mph
    This high-torque scooter with an ultra-quiet, chain-driven motor runs to speeds of up to 15 mph. It features a super-sized deck and frame – perfect for riders of all sizes.

  4. Inokim Quick 3 Electric Scooter – Max Speed: 15 mph
    The Inokim Quick 3 runs at speeds of up to 15 to 18 mph. The 2.5 inch pneumatic tires on this model provide maximum comfort.  Its large spacious deck folds into such a compact size.
  5. E-TWOW S2 – Max Speed: 18 mph
    The E-TWOW S2 Booster Electric Scooter can run at a maximum speed of 18 mph. At 21 miles, this model offers a good distance range.  It accommodates a maximum weight of 220 lbs.
  6. URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter – Max Speed: 15 mph
    This incredibly lightweight (35 lbs) folding scooter can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. It is built using genuine carbon fiber and American aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum.
  7. Koowheel L8 Electric Scooter  – Max Speed: 18 mph
    The carbon fiber frame of the Koowheel L8 makes this a super lightweight and sturdy e-scooter. Cruise at speeds of up to 18 mph but still be in control through the KOOWHEEL APP.
  8. IMAX T3 Electric Scooter  – Max Speed: 18 mph
    The IMAX T3 is a slim model but it offers powerful rides at speeds of up to 18 mph. It features reliable rear mechanical disc brakes and a multi-function LCD display.
  9. Hover-1 XLS Folding Electric Scooter – Max Speed: 20 mph
    The Hover-1 XLS is a fully loaded model. This heavy duty e-scooter and motorized bike hybrid can take you to speeds of up to 20 mph on a single charge. Notable features are its durable metal frame, 10-inch pneumatic tires, padded seat and signal lights.
  10. Super 36v Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter with Econo/Turbo Mode Button – Max Speed: 24 mph
    15 mph is ok. 18 mph is great. 20 mph is awesome. 24 mph is mind-blowing. The Super 36V gets you riding safely at a maximum speed of 24 mph thanks to its adjustable front and rear shocks, front swinger mono shock and increased tire size.

Cool Spirit – Best Performance Models

These e-scooters push the envelope thanks to great customer reviews and growing sales. When it comes to performance, customers put a premium on motor power and weight capacity.
Here are our TOP 3 best performance e-scooters.

moto scooters

  1. Xiaomi Mijia M365
    The Xiaomi Mijia M365 is powered by a 500W motor and can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs. It can run at speeds of up to of 15 mph. In energy-saving mode, it runs at 11 mph. Range is around 18 miles on a single charge.
  2. E-TWOW S2
    The E-TWOW S2 Booster Electric Scooter is powered by a 500W motor. It can run at speeds of up to 18 mph. At 21 miles, this model offers a good distance range.
  3. Hover-1 XLS Folding Electric Scooter
    The Hover-1 XLS is a fully loaded model. It is powered by a 250W motor but performs just as good as its 500W motor counterparts. Maximum distance reached on this model is 19.5 miles at speeds of up to 20 mph. Customers love the disc brakes on this model as well.

Feather E-Scooters – Lightest Models on the Market

With these lightweight e-scooters, you get power, speed and great capacity. For their weight, these models pack a serious punch.
Here are our TOP 3 lightest models.

  1. Xiaomi Mijia M365 motor scooters for sale
    Foldable and lightweight at 27 lbs, the Xiami Mijia banks on its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy parts to get you anywhere. This model is compact and runs at a cool 15 mph.
  2. Koowheel L8 Electric Scooter
    At just 25 lbs, the Koowheel L8 Electric Scooter is a lightweight warrior. Distance range is around 15 miles while maximum load capacity is at 200 lbs. Maximum speed reached is around 15 mph.
  3. Inokim Light Hero Electric Scooter
    At 27.5 lbs (for the 7.8 AH battery) or 28.6 lbs (for the 10.4 AH battery), the Inokim Light manages to outrun its lighter counterparts. It can reach top speeds of around 15.5 mph (more as per customer reviews) and cover a maximum distance of around 18 km.

Urban Vibe – Best Last Mile Models of Electric Scooters

All our electric scooters were designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. Purpose, routine and terrain have always taken top priority in every designer’s list. You want a last mile e-scooter that performs as good as it looks in the urban jungle.
Here are our TOP 3 mile models of electric scooters.

  1. electrical scooters for sale
    1. LEHE K1
      This model is always a headturner. E-scooters usually come in black. But the designers of the LEHE K1 played it up by having this model come in two colors: black and white. The LEHE K1 folds easily, rides well, features a comfy seat and has front and rear LED lights.
    2. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter
      The Glion Dolly made it to this list for its powerful motor (255 lbs capacity )and 8” honeycomb never-flat tires. Customers love its quick fold feature (one foot gesture).
    3. E-TWOW S2 Booster
      The E-TWOW S2 Booster design features a gorgeous deep drop on its slim deck that makes for a stable ride. It is very compact, slim and comes in a variety of colors (light grey, green, black and white).
  2. Fun Ride – Best Electric Scooters for Children

    E-scooters for children should look great, provide enough thrill and yet give parents and guardians peace of mind. With these e-scooters, you get all three.
    After all, safe shouldn’t mean boring.
    When it comes to fun and safety, here’s our TOP 3 list of the best electric scooter for children.

    1. RAZOR Spider-Man Power Core E90
      motor scooters for sale
      With an innovative hub motor, steel frame and oh-so-cool iconic Spider-Man design details, this model delivers 80 minutes of continuous ride time. It is maintenance free and can go up to 10 mph – fast enough to provide a thrill, but slow enough for parents’ peace of mind.
    2. RAZOR E90
      When an 8 year old has been good all year and asks for an e-scooter, you simply can’t say no. Say “Yes” with the Razor E90, the model that provides fun and safety. It is easy to operate, can carry a maximum weight of 120 lbs and has a maximum speed of 9 mph. It features a kick start motor and a rear foot brake.
    3. RAZOR Sweet Pea
      The RAZOR Sweet Pea weighs just 6 lbs but can carry a maximum weight of 143 lbs. Its pink, cute and comes with a bell. Despite the girly charm, the Sweet Pea has all the heavy-weight features. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has adjustable handlebars.

Electric Scooters

Riding electric scooters can be a great way for families and friends to bond with each other. Since electric scooters are safe and easy to use, riders can easily enjoy fun-filled rides. Nowadays, you can find a lot of electric motor scooters for sale when you visit your local market or search for them online.

We have created a guide to help you understand more about our selection of electric scooters for sale.

What are Electric Scooters

An electric bike or electric scooter is a vehicle that utilizes motors for movement. It uses batteries as its primary source of power. This type of scooters is eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit exhaust gases. You can easily differentiate an electric scooter from an electric moped by checking their speeds. Motor scooters run at least 30 mph while mopeds can run faster than that.

What are They For?

Most of the electric scooters for sale in the market are considered a cheap mode of transportation. You can use them to get from one place to another. For instance, you can ride them from your house to the store around the corner. You can also ride your scooter to the post office and use it to carry your letters. This type of scooter has minimal or zero licensing requirements as it has limited speed compared to other bikes.

Due to these scooters’ small and compact design, they can be easily parked in small spaces. You can also carry your scooter with you instead of packing it. Most of the electric scooters for sale in the market are easy to use and maintain because they come with manuals that offer step-by-step directions on how to assemble and use them.

In large cities, electric scooters can help you save a lot of time on the road. You don’t need to take shortcuts through parks or subways because these sleek vehicles are portable and can access any place with ease. All you need you need to do is recharge the batteries and you will be good to go. Unlike other motorists, you won’t waste any valuable time in parking lots, heavy traffic, and gas stations.

Types of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for sale on the market have different features. The following are the 3 main types of electric scooters:

  • Foldable or portable scooters

These scooters save a lot of storage space because they can be folded easily. Most of the foldable motor scooters for sale weigh up to 30 pounds. Therefore, users can pick them up easily. You can even carry these scooters on buses and trains. Foldable scooters reach speeds of between 14 mph and 18 mph.

  • Cycle board

The design of this scooter is attractive. A cycle board features one wheel at the front side and two at the backside. As the rider, you will have to step on a flat deck that is between the wheels. The stability of this type of electric scooter will allow you to move without supporting yourself on walls. It also offers a smooth movement around tight corners. You can also refer to a cycle board as a three-wheeled electric scooter.

  • Four-wheeled scooters

This kind of scooter sports four wheels that provide additional stability to riders. They are suitable for city streets and other flat surfaces. Four-wheeled scooters can also maneuver in rugged terrain without any problem. Since these scooters look more comfortable and stable, they are likely to give confidence to new riders.

Main Features

To decide the right scooter for you, it is advisable to check for certain qualities. Some of the electric scooters for sale in the market are built for outdoor use while others are designed for indoor mobility. Below are some of the features you will find on most electric scooters for sale.

  • Battery Time

The battery time of a scooter refers to how long the batteries can work at certain speeds. If you intend to ride your scooter for a long time over long distances, you should go for a scooter with a long battery life. Ensure your motor scooter comes with high-quality rechargeable batteries that are durable and long-lasting.

  • Dimensions

Our electric scooters for sale come in different dimensions. Some of them are longer, taller, and wider than other battery-powered scooters. When shopping, make sure to check the size of the frames and deck. Additionally, check the height of the seat as well as the adjustability of the handlebar. Choose a product with dimensions that will allow you to take smooth rides.

Go for a model with a deck size that offers an adequate room. A good scooter should accommodate your feet and leave some space on the sides. You will need the extra space to change your posture whenever you need to. To enjoy comfort and safety, select the right sizes when choosing from one of our electric scooters for sale.

  • Tires

A scooter can be aesthetically pleasing, but it will be useless if it lacks good tires. Quality scooters have large tires made of rubber to offer smoother rides than plastic ones. In addition, they take longer to wear out. Aside from rubber and plastic tires, some scooters are fitted with polyurethane tires.

  • Throttle Start

The latest motor scooters have the throttle start feature which allows the motor to start immediately. It is a good idea to choose throttle start scooters because they will allow you to save time. Although their kick model counterparts can be cheaper, they are inconvenient in the long run.

  • Wheel Size and Width

The size and width of the wheels determine the comfort of riding a scooter as well as its stability. Bigger and wider wheels are more stable than smaller ones. Most wheels are replaceable. However, you need to ensure that the size of the replacement wheels is suitable for the frame of your scooter.

Other Features

  • Speed

Even though speed is not the most important characteristic, it is a feature that many buyers consider. Scooters are not made for racing purposes, however. They are designed to help you commute from one point to another. Hence, you should not rush to find electric scooters for sale that offer the highest speeds. Instead, pick the speed that satisfies your needs and allows you to enjoy your ride.

  • Range

In our opinion, range is more important than speed. An electric scooter’s range depends on the capacity of its batteries. The majority of manufacturers indicate the range of motor scooters in their product descriptions. Be sure to check the descriptions to know the maximum range of the scooter you want to purchase.

  • Safety

The most important thing riders should always consider is safety. The majority of manufacturers indicate the safety features of their electric scooters for sale. When buying a scooter, make sure you get the necessary safety gears which include kneepads and helmets. These tools will play a significant role in your safety, especially if you are riding in rugged terrains.


If you want to add fun to your travel experience, an electric scooter is a right choice for you. It is easy to ride as it does not require formal training. Additionally, it is good for the environment because it uses electric power instead of gasoline. We recommend battery-powered scooters to both adults and children.

Prioritize safety and comfort when looking for electric scooters for sale. To get value out of your money, be sure to check the quality of the materials used on the frame, seat, and tires. Start browsing on our selection of electric scooters for sale now!

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