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Electric Mopeds
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Basic Types Of Electric Mopeds

Electric mopeds are a great way to get around, be environmentally friendly, and save money on gas. In addition, electric mopeds are a cheap form of transportation that makes getting around an urban setting fun and easy. There are a few different types of electric mopeds, each one of them with different features such as top speed, riding position, and handling.

Full Sized Electric Mopeds

Full sized electric mopeds are the most useful electric moped. In appearance and performance, they are very similar to traditional gas-powered mopeds. These mopeds have decent range and a top speed that allows them to operate in an urban setting. This makes them a great product for daily commuting in an urban or suburban setting.

When purchasing a full sized electric moped it is important to check on the top speed, because most electric mopeds do not go fast enough for highway travel. Also, check to make sure the range can handle your average daily commute and errands.

Pocket Electric Mopeds

Pocket electric mopeds are small mopeds that are usually only a couple of feet high. Mostly designed for younger riders or very short rides, pocket electric mopeds are a bit small for taller adults. Also, these smaller mopeds are not usually used for such things as commuting. However, they are an excellent moped for recreation and fun. They are also a popular moped for running errands or can handle a very short commute.

The major advantage of pocket electric mopeds is that they are an extremely cheap form of motorized transportation. It is possible to get a pocket moped for as little as a couple hundred dollars.

Kids And Mobility Mopeds

The other category of electric mopeds is those meant for kids and to help disabled people get around. These mopeds generally only cost a few hundred dollars, with kid’s mopeds costing less than a couple hundred. This makes them a cheap option for entertainment or mobility. When shopping for these mopeds it is important to consider features such as comfort and safety.

Our electric mopeds combine classic style with the convenience of a motorized mobility vehicle and the agility to get you through busy city streets. Shop with us today for the best prices on mopeds, scooters, e-bikes and more.

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