Segway One S1 Electric Unicycle

The Segway One S1 is for the rider who loves an adventure. It’s a more compact and streamlined model from the company who brought the first electric unicycle ...

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SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

What sets the Swagtron Swagroller Electric Unicycle apart is its gyroscopic balancing technology.  Stay upright through any type of terrain. Speed up, ...

The new electric unicycles don’t look much like the traditional manual unicycles. For one thing, they don’t have a seat or pedals. The wheel itself doesn’t have spokes. Instead, the electric unicycles we offer have sleek designs and features such as Bluetooth functionality so the cyclist can rock out while rolling!

Selection and Benefits

At GearScoot, we offer a wide and varied selection of freestyle and electric-powered unicycles. Shop our electric unicycles according to style, size, weight limit, specifications, balance, speed, comfort, maneuverability, extra features, and price range.

Modern engineering and cutting-edge design have been combined to produce electric unicycles that are lightweight, easy to maneuver, handy to carry, able to be folded to a very compact size, and a great-looking means of transportation. There is little maintenance, and the parts involved are long-lasting, durable, and built for daily use. There are even special unicycles meant specifically for riders who weigh over 155 pounds or are taller than 5.5 feet.


A self-balancing electric unicycle is the latest high-tech innovative transport as well as a recreational vehicle to tour cities and go on rides to observe nature and the countryside and its attractions. They are ideal for short trips as well as longer and more leisurely explorations when on a day trip or a vacation.

Unicycles were first used mainly in circuses and then became much more popular when it was realized that they can enable a person to easily navigate to work or school with no concerns about the price of gas, finding a place to park, the effects on the environment, and the expensive costs involved in having to use a car or a truck for transportation. They also have health benefits by helping to keep you in shape and have fun at the same time.

“Last Mile” Tool

Unicycles have been given that nickname because they are easy to carry and can handily and quickly cover the distance between the bus stop and your destination or from the bus stop or train to your home. Imagine not having to get to work or school on time and make that long walk home when you are tired out from your day’s activities.

Are Electric Unicycles Good for Novice Riders?

Unicycles have come a long way, with a smoother ride and self balancing features that are important because they won’t let small potholes and bumps affect your balance in a significant way. That also makes them easier for new riders to learn to operate than the classic manual unicycle.

Because it has only one wheel, a unicycle generally requires twice the effort needed as that on a traditional bicycle to maintain a cyclist’s balance. Without handlebars or hand brakes, it can also take a little time to adjust to the ways you control your electric unicycle: Side to side and forward and backward leaning are the way to control the cycle. You speed up, slow down, turn, and brake by just shifting your weight. It may take some time, perhaps about an hour or a few sessions depending on how good your balance is, to learn how to ride one of these unicycles. With a little practice, your electric unicycle will be an easy and intuitive way to get around town.

When you’ve been riding electric unicycles for a while and feel ready for a new challenge, we have plenty of models for more advanced riders. For instance, you might want to try the Ninebot One C Plus Electric Unicycle from Segway. You can interact with other unicycle riders, customize the ride with colorful accessories, and track your progress through a special Ninebot by Segway App.

Shop with GearScoot today for electric powered unicycles that have all the features you need!

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