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ArtWheel 18” AW-18 Unicycle Balancing One Wheel Scooter

The ArtWheel 18” AW-18 is the perfect combination of function and design. Compared to unicycles with similar features, the AW-18 provides a smoother gliding experience. Its 18-inch wheels allow you to ride on asphalt with great maneuverability and safety.  If you expect to cover long distances, this unicycle provides that much needed comfort for that last-mile journey.

ArtWheel 18″ AW-18 Unicycle Balancing One Wheel Scooter Main Features

Product feature

This unicycle is powered by a 1200W motor and a 680Wh Panasonic lithium battery that features protection against overcharge, over-discharge and over-current. Distance covered on a single charge is around 25-40 miles while maximum speed is at 24 mph. A built-in safety mechanism beeps when the speed hits 11 mph. Maximum load capacity is at 330 lbs.  Other notable features include tilting protection. Motor stalls at angles over 45 degrees.  To restart, place the machine vertically on the ground. No need to manually restart.  

The safety features of the AW 18 make this a winner among similarly featured models. Three alarms warn the rider of speed level (11 mph, 12 mph and 13 mph). Pedal height is adjustable through iOS application or Android app. It is also equipped with front and rear LED lights that light up with a brightness sensor.

Watch ArtWheel 18″ AW-18 Unicycle Balancing One Wheel Scooter Video Reviews

ArtWheel Electric Unicycles Scooters AW-14 14 inch., AW-16 16 inch., AW-18 18 inch. by KingSong

7.2 Total Score
The ArtWheel 18AW gives you the best in safety features.

The ArtWheel provides great maneuverability and safety features. Alarms sound off to warn you at the 11 mph mark. Features can be controlled via iOS and Android apps.

Ease of Use
  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • Load capacity: 330 lbs
  • Speed warning safety features
  • Comes with iOS and Android app
  • Panasonic lithium battery with anti-over charging feature
  • Requires great coordination, agility and balance.
  • Long charging time (6 hours)
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