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Gearscoot’s Favorite Micro Mobility Electric Vehicles Of The Month

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike – Why We Liked It

The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike boasts of a modern designed, with an easy to fold frame helping buyers save space without compromising durability.

Weighing just 40lbs, with its excellent anti-pressure ability, makes the Ancheer Folding Electric Bike ideally suited for people of all sizes and it can even be taken up several flights of stairs. The 20-inch wheels are stronger than competing 12,” and 16” inch wheels often found on other electric bikes.

The design is inspired by dolphins, which makes it look modern and sleek. Plus, being powered by an LG Lithium-ion battery ensures that the bike can reach speeds of up to 25KM/H, making it more than just your run-of-the-mill enthusiast vehicle.

Veeko Hoverboard – A Solid Proposition

If a folding electric bike is too big and you’re looking for something more compact then consider the Veeko Hoverboard, your best choice. The hoverboard boasts of two comparatively large 6.5” inch aluminum wheels with a rubberized coating which forms the tires. Those who want to more power under their feet than the default 250Watt motor can provide should go for the optional upgrade to a 700Watt motor.

Inside the hoverboard is powered by 20x 36volts, 4Ah cells which can last for up to four hours. That’s pretty significant since the hoverboard can go up to 9.6 mph, and has a range of a whopping 9 miles. However, the range will mainly depend on how you ride the hoverboard, pushing it too much will obviously take a toll on the battery.

Tech specifications apart Veeko has designed the hoverboard to be easy and smooth with considerable power. Our advice is not to upgrade to the larger 700 Watt motor unless you weigh over 200lbs or are an advanced user.

Tomoloo hoverboard vs Veeko Hoverboard Go Head To Head at Gearscoot’s Editor Review

The Tomoloo hoverboard is a direct competitor to the Veeko Hoverboard in many different ways apart from them both being hoverboards. However, some significant differences between the two may perhaps lead people to lean in favor of one hoverboard over the other.

Tomoloo’s hoverboard offers high-temperature resistance and the material used works as a fire retarder. The manufacturing process used for the shell is similar to the ones used for the iPhone shell, which too has high-temperature resistance and is fireproof. Plus, it adds strength and toughness.

The Tomoloo Hoverboard also has LED lights and a music system that twinkles when music is played. Plus it has built-in Bluetooth which means that you can stream music directly from your phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device. On the other hand, Veeko’s offering does not have any sort of built-in music playing capabilities. 

At GearScoot we personally tested both hoverboards and found that Tomoloo’s hoverboard can go faster, i.e. 12 km/h and has a longer riding distance. Plus, it can easily accommodate people up to 220lbs. Also, the batteries last an average of 10 km per charge. Plus, it is a dash lighter than Veeko’s hoverboard. So, it may be preferred by people who often walk around or need to stand on a train or bus with the hoverboard hanging off their shoulders.

So, which of the two hoverboards should you get? If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly hoverboard, then Veeko’s hoverboard is the way to go. Though you’ll have to live without all the features that the Tomoloo hoverboard has to offer, which happens to be a lot!



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