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Cheap Safe Hoverboards

Get Cheap and Safe Hoverboards

So you are looking for cheap safe hoverboards? Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get one that meets both of these requirements. Before the crackdown on hoverboards across the United States, you could effortlessly order a self-balancing scooter for a couple of hundred dollars.
Now that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is demanding UL safety certification for all hoverboards, prices have expectedly shot up. Other countries are also taking control of the industry. Consequently, only a few manufacturers are able to meet these conditions. For buyers outside the United States, it might be possible to buy really cheap and safe hoverboards without certification, but the inherent fire risks are huge.

Where to Get Safe Boards

Only a couple of hoverboard brands were UL certified at the start of 2016. To date, many top brands have already received their certification. While your options are wide now, following the basic guidelines on safety has never been more crucial. For instance, a product listing or website that does not mention UL certification probably does not have it.

Leading retailers now require manufacturers and sellers to provide only certified hoverboards. As you read this, the number of certified products on these sites is significantly fewer compared to before the enforcement of safety regulations. GearScoot can lead you to dealers of cheap safe hoverboards.

When a hoverboard is overly cheap, you need to think twice before buying. Most $200 products should have been withdrawn by now, but there is always a chance you could bump into one. Our advice, stay away from such.

What is safety?

You may not worry explosions with cheap safe hoverboards, but there are other safety concerns. First, you could fall off and injure yourself. The self-balancing scooters can move at 10mph, which is enough to cause substantial injury in case of an accident. That is why you need to put on safety gear every time you are riding the thing. This includes helmet, wrist guards and kneepads.

If your country allows you to ride on the streets and highways, you are exposed to the risk of traffic accidents. Stay safe if you are in traffic, but preferably avoid using your hoverboard close to traffic.

Manufacturers are required to adhere to several safety requirements, including weight limitations. Some hoverboards can support several hundred pounds weight. They also have minimum weight.

Can you still get good deals on cheap safe hoverboards?

There are many hoverboard manufacturers across the globe so you may be spoilt of choice at first. UL 2272 certification is the most consideration for now.  Let price be your major guideline as you could pay little but subject yourself to various safety risks.

At GearScoot, we have a wide range of options for virtually any user taste and preference. You can navigate to a list of cheap safe hoverboards on our page and make your choice. You can get UL 2272 certification compliant hoverboards at very affordable rates.
In case you are tinkerer looking to put your skills to test, you will still be at home with our regular tips about everything about this technology. You will realize that you can build a safe hoverboard from scratch. Alternatively, you may set your eyes on the various offers that come up during the year.

As with other electronic devices, the higher the price for a hoverboard, the safer it is. In fact, the better the overall experience from the device. This is not to suggest that you should never consider cheaper models. Many consumers have bought cheap hoverboards and enjoyed safe and smooth riding experiences. Happy shopping cheap safe hoverboards from top sellers as listed here!

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