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How Much Does One Solar Panel Cost

Make Your Solar Panel Installation Easy and Sound  

There has never been a better time to go solar, considering the attractive incentives and credits, and the ever-falling solar panel prices. As you seek to put the panels on the roof, there is a process to follow. Unfortunately, many homeowners get confused when they face a wide range of options and a lot of technical stuff. In some areas, there are thousands of solar panel installers. Amidst all this commotion, does answering the question “ How much does one solar panel cost ?” solve everything?  No, you need to look at more than just your budget.

Three Approaches

Going renewable on a budget has never been easier than it is today. You can get very affordable solar panels through reviews on our site. There are also exciting financing options and solar incentives that you can use. That makes solar much cheaper than it was a few years ago. However, it does not mean you could still suffer unnecessary costs from your installation. In your quest to make the installation easy and affordable, consider the following points:

  • Care/maintenance of installed panels
  • Choosing the best equipment
  • Hiring the right solar installer

Your Solar Installation Budget

How much does one solar panel cost? Ask any prospective owner of a solar panel system. This is always the first question they will ask. They are right because the cost of a system depends largely on the solar panel and other main components. The good thing is that the homeowner is mostly in control of these costs. Remember that the owner is also at liberty to choose any installer. When you put both of these factors in perspective, you realize that it is possible to make savings to the tune of up to $10,000.

The three components of the installation that you must choose very carefully are solar panels, inverter and mounting system.  Some questions to ask as you search for the best solar panel include:

  1. How does the seller’s website look?
  2. Does the company service its warranties locally?
  3. What is country of origin?
  4. What is the temperature coefficient?
  5. What is the power tolerance?

The Installation Company

Have you seen energy monitors that track energy usage at home?  Solar panel savings calculators use the same concept. Basing their calculations on prevailing market factors, these calculators give an accurate estimate. Armed with this estimate, you can gauge installers in your area and choose whom to approach.

It is very easy to identity a good solar installer. For example, the company will accommodate your preferences for solar equipment. Stay away from installers who always insist on their ideas and recommendations. Some of them are simply overcharging you, especially if micro-inverters and batteries are involved. Alongside good reputation, other features of a good solar installer are flexibility and fair pricing.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Many homeowners who complain of the costliness of solar panel installations are probably not doing the maintenance right. Even if the cost of one solar panel has reduced significantly in recent years, you will not enjoy these friendly prices if you need to do repairs every now and then.

A good solar panel should last at least two decades. Since the panel sits on the roof or the mounting structure, the condition of that support matters a lot. An experienced solar installer should be able to assess the condition of the support and give recommendations. Sometimes you may need to overhaul the roof and install a new one.

Damage to installed panels can come from many quarters. Plastic decoys, squirrel guards and bird spikes are just some of the tools you can use to deter common intruders to keep your solar panel installation intact.

Every homeowner can install a solar energy system without too much stress. Outlining your budget, proper maintenance and buying from the right dealers can guarantee a sound system for many years to come.

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