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Small Solar Lights Outdoor

Small Solar Lights Outdoor Not Working? Try These Tips

Installing small solar lights outdoor is an ideal way to not only provide lighting to different areas, but also display your greener environment initiative. Unfortunately, the system can develop a fault. You just acquired your new set of solar lights. You have unpacked everything, assembled the panel, and fixed the components. As you settle down to enjoy the set, there is a problem: the lights will not work. Most people using outdoor solar lights for the first time have been in this kind of scenario. Sometimes, the brightness is not too low. In some cases, the solar lights will just switch on in the evening.

Have you been there and felt like you should not have bought the lights at all? You will be surprised how having basic information about small solar lights can help you avoid this kind of mess. In fact, the following four points (you could call them diagnostics) revolve around the basics of this equipment.  Specifically, they cover common problems that once solved, you should have your system up and running.

 1. Check Batteries

Did you know that most solar lights for outdoors contain rechargeable batteries? Li-Ion batteries are more common nowadays, but we used to have NiMH some years back. Ideally, new batteries should last several years before they show signs of lost capability. If you are dealing with a new system, do not rule out this problem. Maybe you carried defective batteries from the store. For older systems, consider replacing the batteries every two years. We have seen batteries lasting for five years, but this is an exception rather than a commonality.

 2. Remove Shadows

Shadows are the biggest enemy for any solar lights system. They block sunlight, which is the driver of the system. If you have shadows falling on the solar panels for the better part of the day, then you have a big problem. When your system will not work, you may want to check if there are nay shadows falling on the modules several hours before and after midday. Installing the system at the height of summer has been an undoing for many people. When the sun gets lower later on and shadows grow, they are surprised because the shadows were short during installation. Contact a qualified installer to see how you can overcome the shadows problem on your small solar lights outdoor.

3. Repair Damage to System

Those who live in areas infested with squirrels and other pestilent animals know how taking care of some things can be difficult. Wildlife helping themselves to some dangling wires is not strange news. Check around for any kind of damage and repair. Sometimes, covering with tape will solve the problem. If this does not work, you can always contact the retailer for spare cables. Wind and other natural factors could also disconnect the wires.

4. Test the Sensors

Solar lights are designed to respond to darkness. They have sensors that only allow operation at night, or when exposed to darkness. You do not have to wait for dusk to perform this diagnostic if you can locate the small sensor. If you determine that the sensor is not working, you might need to change the battery or have the sensor checked by an expert.


Have you ever regretted why you bought your small solar lights? It can be so frustrating to have outdoor solar lights that will not work. This could be a loss of brightness or failure to work completely. Do not give up yet. The steps suggested here could be all you need to resurrect your system. If they do not help, call the retailer. Looking for quality small solar lights outdoor? Stay on this page.

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