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How Unicycles Compare to Hoverboards

Is this the first time you are buying or using a unicycle? You have made the right choice to take up unicycling hobby. You can perform all manner of tricks, you can ride at high speed on the pavement, you can jump on the stool, or you can even juggle while on the machine. Can you do the same with the hoverboard? How does unicycle price compare to hoverboard’s? Unicycles and hoverboards have some technological resemblance, but they also have differences.


The most obvious difference between a hoverboard and a unicycle is the external appearance. Unicycles normally have one wheel, which is centrally placed. You could get a unicycle with two wheels, but these are stuck together. Hoverboard have two wheels.


The unicycle has a few advantages over the hoverboard, but the most glaring one is the ability to take stairs and go off-road. With its extremely large wheels (16 inches and 12 inches), the unicycle goes over rough surfaces and stairs with ease. Commuters find the unicycle extremely convenient for this reason. On the contrary, the hoverboard is only suited for relatively flat and smooth surfaces.


Both devices rely on gyro sensors for balance, but the self-balancing levels are different. With the hoverboard, once you are aboard, you only need to adjust your body and feet to achieve self-balance. For the unicycle, you need to do much more to remain steady. The hoverboard, with its pair of wheels, offers wider margins of error thanks to its greater stability. While you can ride the hoverboard comfortably after a few minutes, it will take you days to be good on the unicycle. Mastering it may take weeks. For those who have ridden hoverboards before, the learning curve for unicycle should be shorter.


There is a reason you need to wear protection when riding either of the two machines. Some unicycles can clock 25 mph, which is far much higher than the 12 mph average for twin wheel scooters. This difference primarily comes from motor power of the EUCs. Unicycles have a massive thrust thanks to their high-powered motors. This difference has seen some users refer to hoverboards as kid’s thing.


Generally, unicycle price is higher than hoverboard price. Yes, there are hoverboards costing as much as $1,800, but most fall in the range of $300 to $800. Prices of the best unicycles start at about $1,500! One reason for this state of affairs is that unicycles are scarcer in the market.  Most unicycles that cost much less are probably “knock offs”.  Moreover, it will take some shopping before you can get a cheap unicycle. We will probably see the prices fall gradually in the coming years as more brands emerge.

Wrapping Up

Unicycle price may be a bit higher than hoverboard’s, but the one-wheelers beat their two wheel counterparts on almost every other important front. It can take more weight, it is faster and it offers a better range. If there is any user who is not interested in these characteristics as a priority, then they have to be in the minority. The major downside is that unicycles demand more effort and patience to ride. Once you are on top and comfortable, you will not complain about the spent dollars anymore. You can always count on use for the most informative reviews as you seek to buy the best unicycle in the market. You can buy a basic one for around $500 or go for outstanding and intelligent ones for around $2,500. Rest assured that the perfect unicycle for you is out there. This list of very affordable but feature-loaded unicycles is proof.

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