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Cheap Good Hoverboards

How to Identify a Fake Hoverboard

As Christmas approaches every year, you can expect to see riders of all ages cruising atop balance boards. Users are expected to continue ordering these products in their numbers, despite the very risk of landing a fake hoverboard. We all know the consequences of riding a faulty or below-par hoverboard.

Safety officers across the world constantly examine products of this nature. The last time I checked, some of the issues the experts had raised about self-balancing scooters included missing fuses and faulty cables. For the sake of your safety, we have listed easy ways to telling a fake hoverboard from cheap good hoverboards.

Sign 1: Manipulated Logos

Now that buyers are looking for reputable manufacturers and the all-important UL certification logo, you can be sure some crooked sellers will try to work around that. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection department has been spearheading the fight against use of unauthorized dealership in hoverboards. In the recent past, they have managed to seize thousands of unapproved two-wheelers, mostly from Asian markets.

Sign 2: Spelling Errors

In relation to logo manipulation, some uncertified manufacturers have the tendency to copy information from reputable ones. Interestingly, some of them have glaring errors, either on their websites or on the product. Spelling errors can be a pointer that the dealer is probably not certified.

Sign 3: Abnormally Friendly Price

There is no denying it; the price difference between cheap and expensive models is minimal. The introduction of UL certification in 2016 increased the prices a bit, but there are signs of that changing in 2017 and beyond.  Prices that had gone up due to rigorous testing requirements are starting to drop. Still, it is good to be on the look for extremely attractive offers. You do not expect to get a quality Bluetooth hoverboard for $200 or an off-road hoverboard for $250.  Let the price guide you and if your intuition is in doubt, look elsewhere for cheap good hoverboards. You can never go wrong with these products.

Sign 4: Manufacturer and Retailer Reputation Questionable

Some hoverboards are products of quick manufacturing. In the course of inspections, the UL has found metal shavings inside some hoverboards. Such pieces can short circuit the interior components, leading to a fire. Testing of these products also involves dropping them to check for impact resistance. The UL has found some hoverboards that cannot stand one drop. All these signs point at poor workmanship, which you can avoid through thorough scrutiny.

Sign 5:  Poor Plug Design

The plug design is another simple way of telling a fake from certified cheap good hoverboards. Standardization teams in the US and elsewhere put safety marks on hoverboard plugs. If the hoverboard does not have the correct standardization mark on the plug, chances are that it is going to be a risky product.


As you may have heard in the news a couple of years back, a good number of “illegal” hoverboards entered the country from the Asian markets. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and other reputable standardization organizations have examined thousands of these brands. Some of the affected manufacturers may still have their products ready for sale and very low prices. Brace yourself for overheating and explosion risks if you buy such. Fortunately, it is possible to smell the fake products from miles away. From the packaging style to quality of instructions, there will always something that gives you a hint. Run away from a seller that is unable to prove compliance to relevant safety standards. If you are looking for credible reviews for cheap good hoverboards, visit our site today.

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