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Discount Solar Panels

Tips To Get the Best Solar Panel Deals

Are you looking to cash in on renewable energy this year? No doubt, when you install discount solar panels, you can start paying less energy bill and potentially save thousands annually. Nevertheless, this does not mean going solar is not going to be costly. A typical home solar system costs thousands of dollars. As you plan to go solar, you are most likely wondering: where can I get the best and cheapest solar panels?

Generally, homeowners do not get solar panels directly from the stores. Instead, they work with contractors or installers who will provide everything required in the installation, then install.

Hire From Your Area

Solar systems perform according to geographical regions, so it is important you hire a local solar installer. It does not make sense to hire an Alabama contractor for a project that is San Francisco.

Sunlight and weather are unique to region. You want to work with a contractor who can design a system relevant to your climate. There are also building code and permitting standards that tend to change all the time. Your installation will go smoothly if your contractor has a cordial relationship with inspectors and permitting authorities.

Experienced local installers have handled many systems similar to yours, so they have ready templates. This not only saves installation time, but also makes the installation cost effective.

Have you identified discount solar panels?

Solar panels are different in design, a factor that affects performance and efficiency. You need to understand solar panel basics before you buy. A good installer will let you choose a solar panel brand. Some of them will even come with several brands to make it easier for you. Still, this does not mean you will get the best brand for your house.

What criteria should you follow? The balance between efficiency and cost is always very tricky. The more efficient solar panels tend to cost more. Look for a panel that is at least 15% efficient and you will be good. On price, you can always get discount solar panels if you do some serious comparison. Just make sure you factor in panel quality, warranty, customer service and so on.

Some homeowners rate the appearance of solar panels very highly. Generally, thin film solar panels are look good and some people prefer them. However, their conversion efficiencies are lower so they tend to take up more space. Curved roofs call for flexible solar panels, which are becoming popular nowadays.

You could also go ahead to compare the different solar panel technologies available.

Consider All Financing Options

In many cases, homeowners do not know the financial options at their disposal. Solar installers will usually offer financial packages as part of their business. Determine if you want to go with low-interest loans or pay cash, and find out whether these are options offered by the installer.

Ascertain Amount of Power

An important assumption that guides most people when buying discount solar panels is the amount of power to be generated. Amount of power from the system depends on a number of factors including roof orientation, location and slope of roof.  As long as your roof is not covered by tree shadows or anything else between 9am and 4pm, then tilt angle is probably not a huge concern. In case of any misgivings, ask the contractor to compute the exact production for you. You could also use solar savings calculator.


As you search for discount solar panels, remember that the three most important parameters: quality, production and durability. Investing in premium solar panels does not come cheap, but it is worth it. However, you can invest in less expensive panels and stretch the return on investment period a bit. Even with a limited budget, you can still get wonderful bargains. Follow the tips we have discussed here and let us know how it goes.

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