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Nanrobot Electric Scooters – Editor Review And Price Comparison

Based in China, Nanrobot currently manufactures and sells upwards of 15 e-scooter models. Their fastest one to date is the LS7, which is amongst the fastest ones in the world at the moment. Other models like the D4+ is known for its versatility, long battery life and a mix of interesting features. However, in between there are many other scooters worth considering which is why we’ve put together this brief overview of each below.


Nanrobot electric scooters overview:

Main Features:Nanrobot X4Nanrobot X5Nanrobot X8Nanrobot RS2Nanrobot RS4Nanrobot RS7Nanrobot D4+Nanrobot D5+Nanrobot LS5Nanrobot LS7
Top Speed:18 mph15 mph22 mph45 mph55 mph50 mph40 mph40 mph40 mph52 mph
Top Range:25 miles25 miles15 miles40 miles50 miles45 miles45 miles50 miles45 miles52 miles
Electric Motor:Single 350WRear 500W350WTwo independent motors 1200W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1200W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1600W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1000W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1000W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1000W each (front & back)Two independent motors 1800W each (front & back)
Brakes:disc brakesdisc brakesdisc brakesfront & rear dual disc brakeshydraulic brakeshydraulic brakesfront & rear disc brakesfront & rear disc brakesfront & rear disc brakesfront & rear disc brakes
Suspension:front shock absorbersspring shock absorbersspring shock absorbersdouble shock absorbersdouble shock absorbersdouble shock absorbersfront & rear spring shock absorbersfront & rear spring shock absorbersdouble shock absorbersfront & rear double shock absorbers
Climbing Angle: N/AN/AN/A65°65°65°30°30°45°
Weight:33 lbs38 lbs37.5 lbs88 lbs88 lbs88 lbs70 lbs70 lbs88.2 lbs88.2 lbs
Load Capacity:220 lbs265 lbs264 lbs330 lbs397 lbs397 lbs330 lbs330 lbs330 lbs330 lbs
Tires: 8"8"8"11" on & off-road 11" on & off-road 11" 10" pneumatic10" pneumatic10" pneumatic11"

All you need to know about Nanrobot electric scooters

Nanrobot X4 Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot X4 is considered an entry-level e-scooter by the company. It comes equipped with a comparatively powerful 350Watt motor which offers a top speed of up to 20 MPH and slightly beyond if pushed. Equipped with a 10.4AH lithium battery delivering 36V, it delivers 26 miles of max range. Though the battery then needs to charge for up to 6 hours. 

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of the Nanrobot X4 is the foldable design which can be either carried along or left at home. The rather large 8-inch wheels and the handlebars fold in a way that makes it easier to carry the e-scooter through crowded trains and subway stations. Plus, it is small enough to fit under most seats or be put in the overhead compartment, which is something not possible with larger 10-inch tires. 

Safety features include rear hub braking and a horn to alert people around of your presence. 

Finally, the icing on the cake, if you may, is that the electric scooter comes with a 2-year motor warranty and a battery warranty of 180 days. 

Nanrobot X5 Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot X5 is a dash ahead of the X4, with a 48V 4.4AH lithium ion battery which takes around 6 hours to charge. The e-scooter is driven by a rear wheel single drive, extremely powerful 500-Watt motor capable of delivering 15 MPH and 25 miles of range per charge. 

Nanrobot has lived up to their promise of ensuring that all their e-scooters are portable by making the X5 portable too with the same foldable design as the X4. When folded it can easily be placed in a bag, put under a seat or carried around the city. 

The e-scooter also has you covered as far as comfort goes with a special damping system. The 8-inch tires are filled with a special polyurethane foam fluid which means you can drive it in all types of terrain because they are far less puncture prone and last longer than their pneumatic counterparts. During our testing, it was apparent that the tires are damping a great deal of the road’s roughness. That said we would strongly advise against taking it off-roading as the motor isn’t powerful enough to get you through mud and sand or over steep inclines. Yet it is still an extremely versatile and durable e-scooter. 

Nanrobot X8 Electric Scooter

Powered by a 350-Watt electric motor the Nanrobot X8 delivers 30 miles of range and up to 22 MPH of speed made possible with its copious lithium-ion battery. 

The Nanrobot X8’s single drive 350-Watt motor when paired with the lightweight aluminum body of the scooter tends to offer the best weight to power ratio slightly inclined in favor of power. The e-scooter comes equipped with Nanrobot standard folding design which allows the 37.5 lbs scooter to fold into an easy to carry and store form. The 8-inch rubber tires offer excellent driving stability, tend to absorb a great deal of shock and during out testing the braking was excellent. 

The performance of the Nanrobot X8 varies depending on the driving conditions, climate and if it is well maintained. Generally, operating the scooter in the city does not require any special care if most of the roads are paved. However, major potholes can result in the scooter not being able to dampen the shock owing to the smaller 8” inch wheels. Though shocks from smaller holes and rough roads are easily dampened. All in all, it is one of the best, most compact e-scooters by Nanrobot. 

Nanrobot RS2 Electric Scooter (Off road capable)

The Nanrobot RS2 is an off-road capable electric scooter and arguably one of the most powerful e-scooters in the brand’s lineup with dual motors, each rated at 1200Watts. The dual motors allow the scooter to reach a top speed of 45MPH and it can travel around 40 miles on a single charge.

While the RS2’s torque is very impressive it also means that this isn’t the best choice for novice riders. Speeds above 40mph for the most part on an electric scooter isn’t safe that’s why we’d strongly recommend that you don’t engage both motors unless necessary. Though there are instances like when riding through mud or steep slopes that you’ll want to engage the other motor for extra power. 

The lights are bright, and the shock absorbers tend to absorb most shocks you can expect from a standard city road. Plus, the build quality is as per Nanrobot’s standards. The one thing buyers need to remember is to unlock the scooter correctly before their first ride. The unlock button does not unlock the display/ control. 

Overall it is amongst the best scooters that money can buy but not intended for novice riders or kids both of whom can seriously injure themselves. 

Nanrobot RS4 Electric Scooter (Off road capable)

The Nanrobot RS4 is an off-road capable electric scooter and a direct competitor to the D5+ both in terms of charging time and speed. The RS4 also features two motors each rated at 1600 Watts. Also featured is a JP dual drive with a 60 volt, 31.2A controller, 14” inch pneumatic tires, a set of hydraulic shocks which contribute to a comparatively softer drive. There is also an anti-slip feature as well as the hydraulic braking which engages automatically in case there is an emergency.

When the all-wheel drive mode is engaged, you’re looking at 3200 watts of power, and the ability for the scooter to travel 55 miles. That 55 miles travel range puts the RS4 ahead of the competition and makes it the longest traveling scooter, though the only drawback is its average 8 hours of recharge time. 

The RS4 also uses technology allowing it to adapt to various road conditions and surfaces offering a very comfortable commute. However, by far the best feature for most people is durability thanks to the use of high-strength carbon steel which puts it amongst the best scooters for traveling through rugged terrain. 

Nanrobot RS7 Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot RS7 has the same battery size, motors and even the speed of the RS4, but with one slight addition, i.e. its ability to climb angles of 65 degrees. It is an extremely powerful scooter with robust dual motors offering quick acceleration. 

The e-scooter also features 11-inch tires which offer better robustness and dual disc brakes on the front and back which makes riding the scooter very safe. Also included in the RS7 is a USB charging port allowing users to charge their phones when riding the vehicle. 

The RS7 is a powerful electric scooter with 45 miles of travel range before it needs to be charged in which case it comes with a smart lithium charger. 

The one reason why anyone would want to buy the RS7 over other Nanrobot electric scooters is its ability to handle rugged terrain and its higher top speeds. Though some people may even want to opt for it because of the USB phone charging feature. 

Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter

Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter

The NanRobot D4+ has two independent motors each rated at 1000 Watts. One is built into the front while the other powers the rear wheel allowing for a max speed of 40mph. Users have the ability to choose between a single motor and dual motor mode. The dual motor mode allows for the much advertised 40mph top speed but also consumes the most battery power. There is also an eco-mode which helps to save the battery and turbo mode offers the most torque. 

Powered by a 52V 23Ah battery, it can run for 45 miles in between charge. Plus the 10-inch pneumatic tires on the front and rear, coupled with disc brakes on the rear as well as 6 shock absorbers, i.e. four on the front and then there are two on the back guarantee a comfortable ride.  

The NanRobot D4+ also comes with a bright LCD display which shows drive mode, speed, and battery life. Plus it can easily be folded and taken anywhere including into a train station, or even in an airline. However, it does weigh around 60lbs which isn’t going to be easy for everyone to lift. Other notable features are lights on the rear and front and a charging port for USB devices. 

Nanrobot D5+ Electric Scooter

Nanrobot D5+ electric scooter

The Nanrobot D5+ boasts of having a very powerful motor rated at 2000 watts. The motor is capable of taking the electric scooter up to 40 MPH, putting it amongst the fastest scooters in Nanrobot’s lineup. Powering the motor is a 52V lithium-ion battery which lasts for up to 50 miles and can be charged within 3 hours. 

The comparatively large 10-inch tires are designed to protect riders from bumps and potholes ensuring a comfortable ride even at comparatively high speeds. Also, featured are front lights and lights on the rear which means that they are perfectly safe to ride at night. There is also a fully functioning LED display. 

As far as speed goes it is amongst the fastest and also happens to be very easy to fold. So, you can just as fold it up and take it along anywhere. 

The Nanrobot D5+ e scooter is the most efficient on the list, and its insane speed combined with the easy to fold design makes it great for your daily commute. Getting you to your destination quick while being easy to carry and store safely with you when not in use. Interestingly the 2x 1000-Watt motors are not all that heavy, so you don’t need to be very strong to carry the electric scooter around.

Nanrobot LS5 Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot LS5 is easily one of the best scooters for anyone looking to upgrade from a low powered machine to one with more power and comfort. However, the Nanrobot LS5 is no toy driven by two independent 1000 Watt motors on the rear and front, they both turn on when the scooter is put into All Wheel Drive mode. Having two extremely powerful motors ensures that the electric scooter is easily able to deliver 40 mph without much effort. 

Powering the motor motors is a 52V 25ah lithium ion battery which can run for up to 45 miles before requiring up to a 10-hour charge. The Nanrobot LS5 also has front and rear disc brakes, along with 10-inch tires on both ends to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The dual shock absorber system helps to dampen most regular road shocks though isn’t ideally suited for off-roading. However, it can easily climb a steep 45-degree angle. 

Finally, like all Nanrobot scooters, the Nanrobot LS5 can easily be folded and taken anywhere. Though at around 80lbs carrying it around isn’t going to be easy so users will probably be looking to store it away in the trunk of their car. 

Nanrobot LS7 Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot LS7 is considered the fastest electric scooter in the company’s lineup. It promises to give fans of electric scooters an adrenalin pumping ride, and acceleration that will make most men go weak in the knees. Powered by two independently driven 1800W motors, it can reach a staggering 50mph in just a few seconds. It offers enough torque for anyone to climb steep hills and the battery lasts for up to 56 miles on a single charge. 

The Nanrobot LS7 is an extremely robust machine capable of hauling a whopping 330lbs and weighs just 84lbs. However, in the electric scooter world, it still weighs quite a bit so most people may not be able to carry it around for too long. Though the Nanrobot LS7 wasn’t designed to be an average commuter scooter. 

The Nanrobot LS7 boasts of dual motors, full front and rear especially designed rubber suspension capable of handling all types of terrain and dual suspension. That said this isn’t a toy which is why you are strongly advised to wear a full-face helmet, knee and elbow protection and gloves before taking it for a ride. 

Finale notes

Nanrobot tends to manufacture and sell an array of various e-scooters each aimed at a particular segment of the market. The X series for instance the X4, X5 and X8 are low powered, light weight scooters intended for beginners or those looking for something that’s easy to carry. The RS series are for people who want more power but not necessarily at a higher price point. People who want the most power with off-road versatility will want to opt for the LS5 and LS7 both of which are great performers on and off road. 

Nanrobot electric scooters – Prices Compared

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