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Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger

Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger-the Basics

They are popular and get many accolades on paper. As dealers in solar energy gadgets, we receive many questions regarding the best solar cell phone battery charger.  Customers are always thankful for our reliable products and helpful tips. Do you want to learn a thing or two about this gadget? Something you need to note before we even proceed is that for a charger to produce the rated power, it must get direct sunshine on its surface. Therefore, if you are encountering some negative conditions-overcast weather, dirt on panel, poorly installed system, short sunlight exposure etc.-; you can expect the system to generate less. Let us now look at some of the basics of this equipment.

What Is A Solar Cell Phone Battery Charger?

This is simply a small solar panel designed to charge the rechargeable battery of a cell phone. It helps power the cell phone without draining your home power.  Since it is significantly smaller than the normal solar panel, this charger may not generate a lot of power. However, on a nice sunny day, the charger will produce enough power to charge your phone within a few hours.

Cost of the Battery Charger

The prices for solar cell phone battery chargers vary. Like you would expect with most products, the most expensive chargers last longer and perform better as compared to cheaper options. Our chargers are very affordable, with some going for as low as $28.90. Be keen to pick a charger that is compatible with your device- you do not want to buy a $200 charger only to realize that it cannot work with your gadgets.

Portability of the Device

One of the reasons people go for solar cell phone battery chargers is portability. Being able to charge your cell phone wherever and whenever is a huge plus currently. We suggest you pick any of our solar chargers for the best service and convenience. I did not have a solar charger sometimes back and I was driving across the country to visit my parents. 2 hours into my 7-hour journey, the phone battery died. Since my car charger had died long time ago, I had to find my way back home. Now I have a portable charger and I cannot be thankful enough. My parents and siblings also have a system now.

Life Expectancy of the Charger

On average, most solar panels can last for up to 25 years. Of course, you can get cheap options, but these will only serve for a couple of years. Expect the charger to give you about 80% of the power rating. Again, some manufacturers cannot even get close to this performance. When it comes to solar chargers, life depends on your usage frequency. Some chargers are known to give up to 400 charges. A charger used 365 days a year will last for about 18 months.

Energy Savings

Maybe you are wondering how much energy you can save by using solar cell phone charger at home. Your cell phone uses about 4 watts during charging. This is much less than even what the laptop draws. While you will not save a lot of energy by switching to a solar charger, equipment wattage is an important consideration. Make sure that the watt output of the charger is equal or close to what is on the cell phone.


Do you need a reliable solar cell phone battery charger for emergencies and travel situations? You are at home with the options available at GearScoot. While the devices don’t make any significant power savings, they definitely add the much-needed convenience when you are away from the grid. The chargers are friendly priced and lightweight. In case you need help selecting the most suitable gadget, you can always contact the team. We will also help you know how to get the highest power from your charger.

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