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Best Solar Cell Phone Charger

Best Solar Cell Phone Charger-What to Consider When Buying

Dependability of power source is important in this era of tablets, android phones and laptops. You need to keep your gadgets fully charged even when you are away from home for days. With most cell phones able to keep charge for only 1 day, getting the best solar cell phone charger is an ideal solution. As you go for your vacation or visit folks in another city, you need not worry about your phone dying along the way. Simply get a solar charger. There are several types of these so we have come up with a few tips to make your selection easier.

Compatibility of the Best Solar Cell Phone Charger

Most dealers promise you 100% compatibility, but it is always good to be sure. Two important parameters should match between the charger and your cell phone-output amperage and voltage. Most cell phones come with 1A and 5V rating. Some of the chargers out there are unable to provide 1A constantly, so you need to do due diligence. You don’t want to have to endure slow charging. GearScoot chargers are fairly priced, yet they have one of the best internal circuitry in the market. The designs adhere to international standards.

Construction Quality

If you are looking for a solar charger to suit your hiking expeditions, then you need to acquire something that is built for harsh environment. GearScoot solar cell phone chargers are rain-proof/waterproof. Combine this with portability and you have a device that can operate in any outdoor environment. The good thing with these products is that they are so affordable. A good example is the Dual USB 5000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank that costs $21.90 only. The construction of these products is also top-notch, so they can stand extreme conditions.

After Sales Service

How do you reach the customer care team in case you have an issue with the solar charger? What is the product warranty? Answers to such questions give a pointer as to what kind of provider you have. Before you by the charger, it is important that you know their after sales services. The more the information provided on their site or elsewhere, the better the after sales service. The GearScoot website contains loads of information about each of the products. You will like the information offered on the FAQ page. Moreover, you can email the team 24/7 on [email protected] and get prompt response.

Additional Features

The best solar cell phone chargers come with functionalities to suit the life of the modern user. This includes features such as flashlight and Bluetooth for enhanced outdoor experience. Going back to GearScoot’s own Dual USB 5000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank, users enjoy LED indicator lights, Dual USB ports and LED flashlight among other features.

The dual USB port is particularly important because most people have a host of other electronic devices apart from the cell phone. Even if you are in the wilderness, you can actually use some of these chargers on most of your devices.

Solar cell phone chargers are just a supplement. They do not guarantee that your cell phone’s battery will get full charge. You can get the most dependable solar cell phone charge by following the tips shared here. An important part of the buying process is to be careful where you buy. It is so easy to differentiate between a reputable seller and a con. Over time, product descriptions and website quality have become critical indicators. Keep a keen eye for such. GearScoot appreciates the rapid growth of the solar market and wants to make you part of it. Sample our best solar cell phone chargers and grab one for yourself.

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