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Where Do You Get Hoverboards

Types of Hover Boards to Consider

The hoverboard technology may be receiving criticism from different quarters but that has not stopped enthusiasts from buying the devices in their numbers. Different types of the boards fill store shelves- they can easily confuse the first time buyer. The question is not just about where do you get hoverboards, but also, which is the best type.  Everyone wants a hoverboard with modern features. You will be happy to know that the technology has made strides over recent years as manufacturers compete against each other for the increasingly regulated market.   

Who is selling the hoverboards?

Ardent hoverboard lovers are not about to stop their search despite crackdowns and restrictions. Knowing that there are reputable sellers should motivate you to sample what is on offer.

Now that the UL 2272 safety standards are now in force, stories of the devices exploding and causing injury have decreased. Where do you get hoverboards bearing the UL badge? If you are in the online market, you might also want to stop at this site for certified boards for your fun times. The products are not only reliably stable, but also thermally safe. They heat to normal temperatures during charging and operation.

Types of Hoverboards

When you visit this list, you will meet a variety of boards. Generally, hoverboards fall in three categories namely one wheel hoverboards, real hoverboards and self-balancing scooters.

In most cases, the term hoverboard refers to self-balancing scooters. These devices with two wheels and balancing sensors maintain balance in the absence of handles. Before they met the safety regulations, these hoverboards had been banned from major stores.
The real hoverboard refers to a device that lifts the rider from the ground, literally. This technology is still in the testing stage, though you could bump into a real hoverboard in the store.

When it comes to one wheel hoverboards, the aim is to create the snowboarding sensation anywhere. With a top speed of 15mph and a capability to accelerate and decelerate depending on rider’s movement, these devices are truly unique. Visit our reviews to check out the variety of hoverboards available.

Where do you get hoverboards-the DIY ones?

If you are a technically adept user and have the tools, you can build your own hoverboard. The desirable thing with this option is that you get to choose the level of intricacy in your board. All hoverboards come with several basic components-motors, frame, and battery pack. The question is, are you able to combine these components at home and be on the go. Remember that a DIY hoverboard can be extremely dangerous.

The basic tools required in such a project include screwdriver, Allen key and silicon based glue. I know you can easily get those. What about the parts?

A hoverboard needs Li-Ion battery, logic board, Attitude boards, motors and metal frame among other parts. Order and assemble all the parts and you will have a hoverboard almost as good as those sold in the stores.  If you are not the tinkerer type, just choose from the popular brands reviewed on our site.


As you set out in search of hoverboards, you will be spoilt of choice. Let that not excite you. Please be keen about where do you get hoverboards because we still have below-par providers in the market, unfortunately. Beyond cheap cost, a good hoverboard should be safe and easy to use. It should also comply with the prevailing safety regulations. The worst that you wish for yourself is to buy a cheap hoverboard only to realize that you got a fake one. There is no better place to have a nice hoverboard than here.

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