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Where Do you Buy Hoverboards

Hover Board Basics: What You Need To Know As You Buy

If you have watched Back to the Future Part II and Marty McFly, then you must wish to try out the hover board, at least once in your lifetime.  As we head into the future, hover boards are already causing frenzy as they give users the sense of floating in air. Where do you buy hoverboards and how exactly does the equipment work? We will discuss a few important points about the equipment to help you have an easier and more enjoyable shopping time.

Hoverboard Operation

If you are unfamiliar with the product, imagine how a Segway would look without handlebars. It has two wheels, atop which the rider places his/her feet. Sensors in the machine do all the work. All you need to do is to lean forward or backward to either accelerate or decelerate respectively. For turns, press forward and backward with the feet. It is that simple.

Practice and Perfect

No doubt, hoverboards are easy to operate, but you need some bit of practice and patience. As long as you can lean forward and backwards, you are ready to go. It is a workout of sorts so be ready to stretch some muscle.

Safety Concerns

As you can imagine, there are no handles or outer covering on this simple equipment. For a device that can move at as much as 15 mph, the danger of accidents and serious injuries is real.

Hoverboards are also considered dangerous for a reason unimaginable to many people-fires. Back in 2016, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City banned the use of hoverboards in public transportation facilities under its control. Many retailers and airlines have also banned the use of this self-balancing device in its facilities. This is mostly due to fire concerns.

The point here is that even as you take precaution when handling the machine, you need to know where to use it without contravening the law. Some jurisdictions will charge you, citing the danger posed by lithium-ion batteries. As you buy your hoverboard, ask if the batteries are certified and go further to establish the boundaries of having your fun.

Where do you buy hoverboards?

Negative publicity can be beneficial. This seems to be the story for hover boards because despite the regulatory predicaments, the machines are still popular. Owing to the increasing demand, numerous stores are stocking the power driven equipment. Some big stores used to sell hoverboards, but they have since dropped the product for other options because of stringent regulations. However, GearScoot is here to lead you to quality hoverboards available in the market. is your richest information center for a wide range of safe, smooth-running and long-lasting products. Visit the site for the best reviews of cheap and safe hoverboards.

Cost of the hoverboards

Like for any other power-driven equipment, you can tell the quality of your board from its price. Below $200? Don’t even think of looking at it. Some of the best boards in the market rarely fall below $1000. If you disregard those with celebrity tags, you can get a good board for as little as $500. While there is no standard price for a board, target $500 and above for the best experience.


There is no doubt; hoverboards are popular. These gadgets can also be dangerous. That is why opinion regarding boards is so divided. However, it is a fact that you are bound to have problems with any gadget if you barely understand its basics and where do you buy hoverboards. GearScoot is a trustworthy source of reviews of the best hoverboards. Send us any questions or concerns regarding these innovative products and we will offer you prompt help.

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