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Electric Longboard Skateboards

Electric Longboard Skateboards Common Buying Mistakes

One of the most interesting things of out time is the evolution of skateboards. Roller skate wheels first hit the market in the 1940s and it has been an impressive transformation of the boards since then. When skateboarding became part of ESPN’s Extreme Games in the 1990s, it became evident that the game had now become global. Fast forward to today, the technological innovations on skateboards are amazing. The frenzy is now about electric longboard skateboards. Probably you are planning to get an electric skateboard for smooth rides around your neighborhood. You might want to avoid a longboard skateboard with the following mistakes.

Mistake 1: Too Cheap Material

The electric longboard skateboard can be made from different materials. Most skateboard decks are made from maple, which is a sturdy material. Even if you do plenty of tricks with your skateboard, this material tends to withstand the pressure for a long time. Other popular materials are carbon fiber and bamboo. Carbon fiber is probably the priciest compared to the other options. For this reason, some people tend to avoid these good materials for cheaper plastics. Considering that a long skateboard should withstand knocks, avoid such materials.

Mistake 2: Poorly Designed Wheels

Wheels are important components of any skateboard, yet some buyers forget to look at them keenly. Losing an electric longboard skateboard just because the wheels cracked can be painful. We suggest that you go for skateboards with urethane wheels, as this is a very tough material. Such a skateboard will serve you for many years. Still on wheels, look at the size too. If you are looking to using your machine on different terrains, stay away from the tiny wheels. Bigger wheels are ideal for smoothness and stability of the ride.

Mistake 3: Unreliable Control Mechanism

When you want to use your longboard skateboard even on the streets, being able to control it is necessary, otherwise, you will often be frustrated. The best electric longboard skateboards come with handheld remote controllers. Such skateboards are excellent when ease of navigation is a priority. If you can get a model with Bluetooth capability, it would be even better. Simply put, please avoid taking a skateboard without scrutinizing its control.

Mistake 4: Extremely Noisy Electric Longboard Skateboards

Have you noticed how some skateboards have very loud motors? This mostly happens when one is braking. There are several ways of reducing this noise. For example, you could tighten the parts that loosen up with use. A clicking sound usually develops in the wheel hub and bearing joint. You can fix this with Lithium Grease. However, there are models that tend to have all sorts of problems and will become noisy within a short period. Go for the best models for smooth and quiet morning commutes.  

Mistake 5: Lack of Support /Warranty

Support and warranty are essential for the best service from an electric longboard skateboard. You are never sure when the device may develop a problem that needs expert attention. You may even need a replacement. Most electric skateboard manufacturers give a warranty of at least six months, but it is important to inquire before buying. After-sales service is equally important. You might need to call a representative in case the equipment does not offer the expected service. Skateboards reviewed by GearScoot come with professional support and warranty.


When you need to skate through the neighborhood without problems, you have to get it right when selecting your electric longboard skateboard. Avoid making the mistakes identified here and you will not regret your choice. Feel free to ask the specialist at GearScoot for any advice related to Electric Longboard Skateboards.

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