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Henoh Electric Scooter

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Henoh Electric Scooter

The Henoh electric scooter although competitively priced disappoints in far too many areas important to those who intend to use the scooter on a daily basis. Among the most frequent complaints are much lower than advertised speed and range and an overall poor reliability. If you are on the budget consider other options such as: Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter or Macwheel Electric Scooter. Links to both products down below.

  • One of the cheapest e-scooters out there
  • Decent real-world speed: 15.5 mph
  • Removable battery
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Double braking system
  • Taillight & LED headlight
  • Only 2 stars on Amazon
  • The advertised top range is way off in real world
  • Although not the worst, the advertised speed doesn't match the real-world one
  • Serious reliability issues reported by customers
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Henoh Electric Scooter Review

If you’re looking for a cheap e-scooter that can make it easy to go around town or commute to/from school or work, check out the Henoh electric scooter.  It is packed with the compact and solid features that you’d appreciate from an e-bike.

It is slightly faster compared to most of its rivals reaching 22 mph thanks to its 350W motor.

The Henoh scooter is operated by a Panasonic lithium battery, which is included in the purchase. Under specific conditions, it can run up to 20 miles max travel range. 

The battery is also removable and can be charged indoors. If you want a longer range, you might want a spare battery.

Lightweight and portable, this scooter weighs 25 lbs and is portable for bringing anywhere. And when not in use, you can store it in the garage or at home. Some users also fold and hand-carry it when needed.

For longer lasting use, this little machine is made of heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum. It is becoming the standard among scooters for teens and average weighted adults because it is sturdy and rugged.  No matter the punishment it receives, it keeps up. 

But of course, you have to care and maintain your scooter for longer use.  However, there is no mention of the user weight limit on the description. Maybe the manufacturer should include that info for reference.

Take note, this model has a double braking system boasting its regenerative anti-lock and disc braking system for a responsive and efficient braking distance.  It just makes the e-scooter safer to maneuver.

Henoh Electric Scooter
Henoh Electric Scooter
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