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Segway Ninebot ES 4

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The Segway Ninebot ES 4 Electric Scooter Review 

The ES 4 is Segway’s latest addition to their lineup of electric scooters. The ES line has always been intended to offer users faster speeds and better battery life. Starting from the ES 1 each new model intends to be better than the previous one offering noticeable enhancements. 

The Segway Ninebot ES 4 electric scooter offers a few extra features, and if you ask us, it’s the company’s latest model that pushes the proverbial envelope slightly further. It improves the ES line in terms of technology, safety, and comfort; it is these improvements that we’ll examine in this review. 

What to Expect? 

The ES4 has many similarities to the previous models, but that’s only at first glance. While some of the changes may be subtle others are not. 

To start with the ES 4 weighs 30lbs, while you can’t feel the few extra pounds it is heaver thanks to the extra tech inside. This time around the ES line up is faster (19 MPH) with the ES 4 with the ability to accommodate individuals up to 220 lbs, with the maximum incline angle at 10 degrees. So, it can go up steeper slopes than the previous versions. It can also run for longer on a single charge, i.e., 28 miles. 

Build Quality and Ride Quality 

The ES 4 has excellent build quality, though the stand on which you stand is unchanged from all the previous models with the same mesh pattern for additional grip. Also, like previous models, the ES 4 folds up easily though it is a little heavier, but it can still be taken anywhere. 

Both sides of the ES 4 have shock absorbent material, so even if you bump into something, it won’t rattle you. Also, when riding the machine is relatively firm which could also be because it weighs a few pounds more. 

Perhaps our only issue with the ride quality is the fact that while it can handle well-paved roads, and sidewalks it sort of stumbles on cracks and bumps. So, you need to look out and slow down for such obstacles though it would be great if the company could make the ride smoother. 

Should you Buy it? 

The Segway ES 4 electric scooter is a welcome addition to Segway’s lineup. It does offer a fair number of upgrades and features over the previous models. However, its price and the slight heft may not be for everyone. So, if you’re okay with these two aspects of the scooter in favor of the added features and longer distance, then we’d recommend it to you.

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Segway Ninebot ES 4 Electric Scooter

Segway ES 4 offers a fair number of upgrades and features over the ES 1 and ES 2 models. However, its price and the slight heft may not be for everyone.

  • Max. Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Max. Range: 28 Miles
  • Weight: 30.8 lbs
  • Max. Incline: 15
  • Suspension: Front & Rear
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • LED Display
  • UL 2272 Certified Battery
  • Heavier and pricier than it's sibling Segway ES 2
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Segway Ninebot ES 4
Segway Ninebot ES 4
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