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Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike, 250 Watt motor

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Schwinn Monroe Single-Speed Electric Bike

The Monroe 250 is the urban jungle one-speed electric bike that is best suited for casual riders who want nothing but a smooth ride and simplicity. Ride your way across towns and the city aboard this easy to use hybrid e-bike!

  • Comes in 3 frame sizes
  • Solid 250 Watt motor
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Solid mechanical disc brakes
  • 35 millimeter wide tires with puncture protection
  • Not the cheapest e bike in its class
  • LED Display is rather minimalist
  • Limited lifetime warranty on both the fork and frame
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Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike Review

The Schwinn Bicycle Company is a dominant bike manufacturer of regular bikes throughout the entire 20th century. Up to this day, Schwinn didn’t falter to keep up with the changing consumer demands. 

One of its offerings in its huge selection of men and women’s bikes is the Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike, which is its 54cm and Small Frame model. It is with a limited lifetime warranty for its fork and frame and two years for electric parts and battery. 

Schwinn Monroe e-Bike Main Features

Product feature

If you’re a casual rider or someone new to electric biking, you might want to invest on this one-speed model, and later level up to faster e-bikes.    It can be for you if you’re looking to enjoy cycling without the anticipated challenges like hard to adjust controls. 

However, this particular item is suitable for users at most 5’5” to 5’8” tall. As beyond that height range, users might struggle in maneuvering the bike even if it is just a one-speed model.   

It is because this item is a small-framed bike ideal for average size and height riders.  Don’t worry, as on this site you will find large framed e-bikes as well as one from this model is available in sizes small to extra large.

The Monroe 250 is made of sleek and lightweight aluminum, making it perfect for pavements or sidewalks.  But then, do note it’s designed for the city jungle for its fixie styled frame.

Also, this bike allows for ride customization, offering a pedal-assist motor with a thumb pad as well as a LED display. For enhanced safety, it is also with Tektro mechanical disc brakes plus motor cutoff levers, offering smooth stopping all the time.

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Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike, 250 Watt motor
Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike, 250 Watt motor
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