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Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard

The Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard is a combination of all the best features of today’s skateboards.  Where else can you find a skateboard that charges itself? Best part? Atom Skateboard designers are riders themselves.  These are true blue riders who know where to save and splurge.

Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard Main Features

Product feature

Powered by a 1000W motor, this 14-lb skateboard can take you up steeper hills than a normal skateboard could.  Ride to speeds of up to 15mph and go as far as 7 miles on a single charge. It features the smoothest acceleration and braking system thanks to its fox sine-wave controller.  The lithium cell batters are strong and reliable. Other notable features include regenerative braking. Atom electric skateboards not only stop safely, they charge your battery while doing so.  Maximum load that this model can carry is 275 lbs.

This skateboard’s most notable pros are its smooth acceleration and stopping power. There is a thumb knob on the controller which puts the rider in charge at all times.  Further, it performs well on bumpy roads. It’s built for the rough and tumble of the adventurous skateboarder.

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AMAZING!!! Atom B.10 Electric Skateboard Review

OFF HERE - I've had the Atom B 10 up around 17- 19 mph and I weigh 215. Pretty impressive. Atom Longboards is located in Colorado ...

Getting to know... The Atom B10 Electric Skateboard Get to know the Atom B10 Electric Skateboard with Joel Lee! Leave your questions below and dont forget to follow us ...

6.9 Total Score
Sturdy, self-charging, smooth acceleration

The Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard was designed by serious skateboarders for fellow serious skateboarders! It’s fun, built for rough play and speedy.

  • Maximum load of 275 lbs.
  • Good for bumpy areas
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Good water resistance (but not waterproof)
  • Shock-absorbing wheels
  • Not waterproof
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