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Goplus 20″ 250W Folding Electric Bike


This is a quick review of a Goplus 20” 250W Folding Electric Bike which can be also found on Amazon or eBay under the NAKTO brand. This e-bike is best utilized as a city commuter companion. It may not have any fancy bells and whistles but it’s reasonably priced, folds quickly and is likely to fit into your car’s cargo space without any trouble. 


This model is powered by a 36V 8 AH lithium battery and is equipped with a 250W AMA brand motor. It charges in 5 to 6 hours and can go a distance of around 25-35 kilometers with pedal assistance. Top speed is at 35 kmh. The iron aluminum alloy frame allows for a wide range of seat height adjustments. A quick release clamp assists in folding the bike quickly. The front fork is made of high strength carbon steel and is packed with premium comfort shock absorption. Its 55-lb frame is sturdy enough to support a maximum load of 350 lbs. Other features include front V brakes and rear expansion brakes. This model measures 33” x 26” x 14”.

Customers love this e-bike for the seat adjustment features. A quick release clamp makes it a breeze to fold and store.


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7.6 Total Score
Foldable, reasonably priced e-bike with quick seat adjustment features

The Goplus 20 250W Lightweight Folding Electric Bicycle is a reasonably priced, foldable e-bike. It features a powerful motor and a wide range of seat adjustment options.

  • Can easily transport up to 350 lbs
  • Folds easily
  • Plenty of seat height adjustments
  • 25 to 35 km distance with pedal assistance
  • Not recommended for off road use
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