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Hover Way Electric City Bike 250W

Owning both bike and motorcycle is easy with the Hover Way Electric City Bike.  Pedal manually, pedal with assistance or go fully automated. This hi-tech bike is built for serious heavy-duty use. Ride it for errands. Commute to and from work or school. Make it your workhorse. In addition to exceptional electric bikes, Hover Way has a range of drones and virtual reality gear.

Hover Way Electric City Bike 250W Main features

Product feature

The Hover Way Electric City Bike runs on a 250 watt motor and an 8.8 AH UL 2271 removable lithium-ion battery. It can run at speeds of up to 15 mph and transport riders weighing a maximum of 264 lbs.  This model measures approximately 11” x 74” x 41.3”. Notable features are the following: six-speed gears, pedal assistance, an adjustable seat, hydraulic shocks, splash guards, a rear carrying rack, front disc brakes, a kick stand and Shimano gears.

Customers rave about the Hover Way Electric City Bike’s hydraulic absorber, removable battery and key-operated system.  The removable battery is a great option on those days you feel like riding a manual bike without the added cargo. The specially-designed handlebar keeps your fingers on the accelerator and throttle at all times. Compared to similarly situated e-bikes, this model is a key-operated unit. Most e-bikes turn on at the push of a button and may not be safe when parked, but not the Hover Way Electric City Bike.

Hover Way Electric City Bike 250W Video Reviews

Hover-Way Electric Bicycles!

Ride in style, arrive fresher! Use the pedal assist to make hills a breeze or the handle bar throttle to extend your ride. Fun meets tech! Always wear a helmet and ...

Hover-Way City Cruiser Electric E Bike w/ Pedal Assist & 6 Speed gears on QVC

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5.9 Total Score
Key-operated bike and motorcycle in one

The Hover Way Electric City Bike is a convertible bike that can be used as a regular bike, a motorcycle or a combination of both. It is key-operated and has great hydraulic shocks.

  • Strong 250 watt motor
  • Speed of up to 15 mph
  • Removable Battery
  • Can transport 264 lbs
  • Key-operated
  • Not recommended for the novice rider
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