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Maxfind Max-B Electric Skateboard with Dual Hub Motor

Like the Maxfind Max-A, the Max-B has all the same features.  The difference lies in the deck design. With built-in handles on both sides of the deck, the Max-B offers the teenage rider an easier grip especially if he uses this as a last-mile ride.   

Maxfind Max-B Electric Skateboard with Dual Hub Motor Main Features

Product feature

This 12-lb longboard can run at speeds of up to 16 mph.  It has an 8-mile range and can carry loads of up to 220 lbs on a single charge.  It is powered by 500 watt dual brushless DC hub motors and Samsung lithium batteries 18650 with a capacity of 79.2 wh.  Wheels are 83 mm. Length is 38 inches. Incline rates are at 20%. Other notable features include regenerative breaking and integrated lights. Deck material is made of 8-ply maple.

Like its Maxfind sibling, the Max-B promises stability at higher speeds thanks to its Canadian maple deck. Customers who have purchased this unit say that the stability is very evident when going uphill and downhill.  

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Maxfind Electric Skateboard Review-Max B, booster eskateboard!

maxfind electric skateboard longboard.

Electric skateboard UNBOXING and REVIEW | MaxFind longboard

These are my first thoughts about the MaxFind electric skateboard that I have just acquired. It is a lot of fun. I hope that your questions have been answered, if not ...

7.9 Total Score
A portable and lightweight electric longboard that provide a strong grip and solid durability during uphill and downhill rides.

The Maxfind Max-B is great for both novice and expert skateboarders. It has so much power for its size. Portable for air travel and everyday commutes.

  • Maximum speeds of up to 16 mph
  • Mileage of 8 miles on a single charge
  • 8-ply maple wood deck
  • With remote control
  • Two riding modes
  • Not waterproof
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