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SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard Review – Self Balancing electric hoverboard CSA/UL2272 Certified

What it feels like to ride SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard. The SagaPlay hoverboard has passed all 159 safety regulations tests, making it the safest and sturdiest hoverboard in its class. The Silicon Valley-based Sagaplay is a frontrunner when it comes to balance hoverboards. It is known for high safety standards and enhanced rider experience.

SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard – Certified Main features

Product feature

With a 250W dual motor, this hoverboard can climb slopes as steep as 15 degrees for over an hour and go over 9 miles in just one charge.  Its LED battery indicator, non-slip food pedals and solid rubber tires are built for all-terrain purposes. The SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard is powered by a lithium-ion battery with intelligent protection. It is fully charged in 2 hours. It features 6.5” alloy wheels, slick performance tires, water resistant parts, gyro-scopic sensors and dual hub motors. It measures 7” x 24” x 6.5” and weighs 22 lbs. Its self-balancing features allows you to spin, move forwards and backwards from start to stop without any problem. Riders can easily control the board by simply shifting body weight. It can easily carry 200 lbs and comes in black, red and white.

Customers love the Sagaplay F1 hoverboard for its sleek design, safety features and customer service. It is easy to operate, provides so much power for its size and looks cool on the road.

SagaPlay F1 hoverboard Video Reviews

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7.4 Total Score
Sturdy, high-powered hoverboard.

The SagaPlay Hoverboard is easy to learn and ride. Novice riders will love how easy it is to handle while pros will find this model cutting-edge when it comes to design.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Can transport a maximum load of 200 lbs
  • Easy to operate
  • Great safety features
  • Not scratch resistant
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