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VEEKO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker – UL2272 Certified

Loyal fans of the Veeko brand know what to expect from the Veeko hoverboard. So when it comes to self-balancing scooters, the Veeko Hoverboard has big shoes to fill. And fill those shoes it did! With a great design, decent mileage and ability to climb inclines of up to 15 degrees, it is no surprise that the Veeko hoverboard has been grabbing the top spot in its class. It has also secured its UL 2272 and UL 2271 certification. This means that exploding hoverboard batteries are virtually impossible on this model. Your batteries don’t get any safer than this.

VEEKO Hoverboard Review & Main features

Product feature

veeko hoverboard review

Technical Description

The Veeko Hoverboard is powered by dual 250W motors. It weighs in at just 22 lbs but can carry loads of up to 225 lbs. Wheel size is at a petite (but sturdy) 6.5 inches. It is UL 2272/2271-certified and is driven by a li-ion 36V 4 Ah battery that provides 2-1/2 hours of riding time. Batteries are fully charged in two to three hours. And as for mileage goes, the Veeko hoverboard can go as far as 12 miles on just a single charge. Maximum speeds reached are 6 mph. Climbing abilities are at 15 degrees. Other features include bright LED lights and an automatic shutdown feature if not used for 10 minutes.

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Customer Review

Now onto the much-awaited Veeko hoverboard review… Enthusiasts who have purchased the Veeko hoverboard love this model because it stands right smack in the middle when it comes to portability.  It certainly isn’t the heaviest, but it isn’t the lightest either. This model is “just right”.  If you’re looking for speed, this isn’t the fastest in the market.  But hey, going over 6 mph on a hoverboard isn’t exactly safe either. So speed isn’t much of an issue.  The ability to climb 15 degrees is a dead giveaway of power.  While most can comfortably do 10 degrees, the Veeko hoverboard goes beyond that, making it a great alternative for commuting and casual trips. Another much appreciated feature is the built-in LED lights. The bright LED lights make the Veeko hoverboard a great companion in the dark.  Unlike other hoverboards, the Veeko model makes riding easier in any type of light condition.   Nobody has complained about the tires so far.  At 6.5-inches, they’re just the right size. Any smaller and stability becomes an issue. Any bigger and you jeopardize the promise of a smoother ride.  Also, the Veeko hoverboard has a built-in auto shut off feature.  It’s a thoughtful touch to the full-feature hoverboard.  Left idle for 10 minutes, and its shuts off by itself, preserving battery life.  Some enthusiasts have expressed concern for the Veeko hoverboard price.  It seems too low. It levels off with the lower-priced models in the market. At this Veeko hoverboard price level, something has to give.  What are the compromises?  For one, top speed is just at 6 mph (which isn’t a problem for a lot of customers).  While it’s been loaded with features you wouldn’t find elsewhere, it doesn’t come with a Bluetooth speaker. Honestly, this model looks like it belongs to the higher tier price range. The range and the quality of the board is tops.  It can be hard to trust when the load is around 200 lbs.  But you just have to get used to it. After all, it can transport as much as 225 lbs. As for the agility, and responsiveness, we are speechless!  Maneuverability is great even for novice users.  The Veeko hoverboard guarantees smooth rides provided the surfaces you ride on are smooth. But many have reported that the performance is just as great when put to test on dirt roads and grass. (We wouldn’t recommend that though!). 

As far as battery power goes, the Veeko hoverboard has rightfully earned its full UL 2272-2271 certification.  UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an organization that has been around for more than a hundred years.  Its purpose is to conduct safety testing and certification for various products.  Manufacturers have had their products evaluated and tested for safety risks by third-party, independent safety organizations such as the Underwriters Laboratories.  A UL mark means that the merchandise has passed rigorous testing and safety protocol.  UL 2272 is a standard for electrical systems of personal e-mobility devices. The requirements cover the electrical drive train system which includes the battery, circuitry and electrical components for electric powered scooters and other devices classified as personal e-mobility devices.  It is also a standard for evaluating the safety of the electrical drive train system, battery and charger combination for energy and electrical shock hazards.  It does not evaluate the performance or reliability of the devices.  It also does not evaluate the physical hazards that may be associated with the use of personal e-mobility devices.  A UL 2271, on the other hand, applies to batteries for use in light electric vehicles (LEV). These cover electrical storage assemblies (EESAs) such as battery packs and combination battery pack-electromechanical capacitor assemblies and subassemblies.  Like the UL 2272, it does not evaluate the device’s performance or reliability.  It also does not include requirements for the evaluation of EESAs intended for use on public roadways, highways and heavy-duty off-road vehicles such as battery-powered, ride-on industrial trucks.


To cap, the pros of owning a Veeko hoverboard are copious.  In a nutshell, you get great design.  It looks great.  The construction is solid and the battery is certified.  You can feel the difference in power. Charging time is adequate and the auto-shutoff is very valuable.  The only cons we see are the lack of a Bluetooth speaker (which are standard for hoverboards in its class), and waterproofing. It is scratch-resistant and fire-retardant, but unbelievably not waterproof.  Customers report that they are willing to pay a little more for waterproof features.  (Perhaps the next model will take this into consideration?). We are also happy with the range, though Veeko hoverboard reviews report that range could certainly be improved.  The 6 mph speed may feel sluggish for some.  But we feel that this is an adequate speed for safety. This speed cap is also a great deterrent for the daredevil.

VEEKO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker – UL2272 Certified Video Reviews

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7.2 Total Score
The heavy-duty hoverboard that goes beyond fun and play

VEEKO Hoverboard is a self-balancing e scooter that has all the elements of a great ride – safety, speed, long-lasting batteries and excellent stability.

  • With Bluetooth speaker
  • Load capacity of 225 lbs
  • Gyroscope and acceleration sensor
  • Scratch resistant and fire-retardant shell
  • Can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees
  • Relatively long charging time (4 to 6 hours)
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