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Elevens 38″ Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

The Elevens 38” Dual Motor Electric Skateboard is an awesome ride. It’s as sturdy as it looks and is a great model for uphill climbs and steep hills. Acceleration is responsive. Whether you ride over uneven city streets, unexpected potholes or run around curbs, this skateboard is designed to take hard pounding and use. The modular design makes repairs quick and easy.

Elevens 38″ Dual Motor Electric Skateboard  Main Features

Product feature

The Elevens 38” is powered by a 400 watt brushless dual hub motor, magnifying torque 3x and can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. This is as much power as Tour de France riders generate when climbing uphill! Measuring 6” x 9.50” x 38 and weighing 18 lbs, this skateboard runs on a 36V 6600mAH lithium-ion battery, allowing you to go as far as 20 miles on a single charge. Its regenerative braking system lets you stop safely even while turning or going downhill. The Elevens 38” comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote. Wheel sizes are 3.5 inches. Maximum load that this skateboard can carry is 267 lbs. Charge time is 2 hours.

Customers love the four modes on this skateboard (back, front, fast and slow). While it is not waterproof, it works well on wet pavements. Note that this skateboard must be handled with care because the battery and motherboard are not completely sealed.

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8.1 Total Score
Great price, sturdy modular design

The Elevens 38” Dual Motor’s modular design makes this skateboard sturdy and easy to handle.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdy
  • Can carry a maximum weight of 267 lbs
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • Not waterproof
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  1. I’m an old head skater from the 80s im 44 and have back issues so I bought the blank light to get to the store and back the board did great for a whole year accept Hills so I moved to a town in Waynesboro PA that has a lot of hills and I wanted a dual motor but I couldn’t afford one then I saw the ad for the elevens dual motor and roll my Dice and got it 2 weeks ago and I’ve been all over the place it conquers all the hills in my town no problem groceries in hand the two Conn’s I have with the board is the bag it came with is cheap but that’s okay it traps great on my Acton back back and the other problem I have will not really me but the cops in town is the emblem on the board I had to get a black Sharpie and cover that up so they don’t mess with me that’s it good bored

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